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October 14, 2014 - Posted to Write My Essay From Scratch Cheap Write my essay and give college essay format example

College students often have to do a lot of writing before they can graduate. Of the many forms of writing that one has to do college essay writing is the most common. College essays are meant to access among other things, the writing skills and knowledge of the students. It is therefore important for a student gives essay writing their best. Unless you are thorough in your writing you can never score decent grades in your writing. Often for students like me to perform well in their essay writing professional writing help to assist me write my essay.

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The Format

When inscribing your college essay you need to stick to the college essay format that your professor desires. Therefore be sure to confirm from your professor on how he or she expects your essay to be formatted. Generally, an essay has three parts; the introduction, body and conclusion. These three parts may differ from the standard form and be customized depending on the preferences of your professor. PremierEssay.net will help you get an essay that conforms to any college essay format that you want at a fair price.

The Introduction

In your essay, the introduction will give the reader what the essay is all about. The introduction of any god essay format example includes the following:

  • A sentence, an introductory sentence that relates to the topic or question of your essay
  • Definitions and descriptions of key terms in the essay
  • The thesis statement that clearly states the focus of your writing and the writer’s position on the topic
  • The scope or coverage of your essay

The Body

The body of your essay forms your discussion of the topic or subject of your writing. Here you will give the main ideas that are brought out concerning the topic and subject of your writing. The ideas that you give should be supported by clear, credible and factual evidence. All your arguments should thus be weighty and supported by detailed evidence.

Therefore each paragraph in the body has the following components;

  • The topic statement that forms the main idea for the paragraph
  • Evidence that backs the topic statement; this could be from scholarly material
  • Practical application of the ideas to the scenario which may be demonstrated via a good example
  • The writer’s discussion and comments on the idea expressed
  • A concluding statement that ends the paragraph

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The conclusion

An essay or even an essay format example must have a summary or a final evaluation of the subject. Here one makes a brief summary of the main ideas that were detailed in the body. You additionally add the significance and relationship of your essay ideas to the practical world.


Here is a good college essay format example


Introductory paragraph- get the reader involved in your essay, state the thesis, and give an outline of your essay


Paragraph 1- gives the strongest point or argument of your writing. Support this with significant example and a vivid illustration.

Paragraph 2- bring out the second strongest idea that follows the first argument

Paragraph 3- this being the last paragraph, give the weakest argument for your topic


Concluding paragraph- give a summary of the ideas and arguments given in the body, restate the thesis statement and signal to the reader that your writing has come to a close.

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