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What is a term paper?

First of all, before doing anything, it is important to know exactly what a term paper is. Term papers are papers that are written as part of a research project over a whole term, i.e. you are given three months to complete it. When answering what is a term paper the type of paper also has to be considered. The purpose of the term paper might be to argue a point or concept or describe an event. Whatever it is, the topic must be described in a lot of detail.

A term paper is a very important part of the academic process. Without a well-written paper, you may not be able to move on to the next step, and nobody wants to be left behind.  Just remember that term papers are not a walk in the park. They form a large part of your grade and hence there will be a lot of background reading and research to be done before putting pen to paper.

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How to Write a Term Paper

It is important to write the best paper possible. Of course that will involve a lot of hard work on your part and you need to get that right. The following is a short guide on how to write a term paper that is worthy of the best grade, not just a passing one.

Choosing a good topic:

There are so many topics out there that it might be difficult to choose just one you are interested in. However, you have no other option. You must choose one. Choosing the right one is key. It has to be interesting to you, and you in turn will have to make it interesting for the reader. Think about how you can put a spin on it and create a new research question or argue an important or controversial point. Controversy or novel ideas always attract a reader’s attention. Spend enough time researching different ideas so that you are confident with your topic area and research question.

Develop a well-structured outline:

Your paper should include the following if it is to be full and completed: Introduction, main body, analysis, discussion and conclusion. Know how to write each one effectively.

Hook the reader from the start:

It is important to make the reader interested right from the beginning. If they are not interested in your question or statement then they are unlikely to want to keep reading. Grab their attention with an unbelievable fact, or a controversial statement. Anything to surprise or amaze them.

Main body depth:

Make sure your main body paragraphs really tell your story. You must know your research area inside out and you must display that in your main body paragraphs by summarising and giving opinions in a logical order, without too much jargon.


This is where you wrap up your research question. Are you for or against? Do you believe or not? You must sum up what you have written and convince the reader one last time by pointing out the strong elements in your work and also leave the reader thinking. This should have a good effect on how they see your work.

Know your style and references:

You must tie up loose ends and keep the referencing consistent. One key point is that keeping a note of all your references, or even better, adding them to your references page in full, will save you so much time and frustration at the end. Style is something you can add finishing touches to as part of the last ritual. Always follow your handbook that will show you what font and spacing etc. you must use.

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