PremierEssay.net aims at providing custom-writing services of premium quality for all Clients. All Clients who place an order at PremierEssay.net are automatically agreeable to the following terms and conditions:

Client’s acknowledgement

All Clients agree that they have thoroughly read and understood the terms and conditions of the Company. The Company does not make claims that its products will affect the Client’s grades in any way.

Product usage

The Company does not support or encourage presenting its products as the Client’s own work. The purpose of the content provided by PremierEssay.net is to be used as a model of proper academic writing, research, and study material that the Client uses to produce content of their own.          

Client’s contact information

PremierEssay.net is not responsible for undelivered work or missed deadlines that result from the failure of the Client to provide accurate contact information. Clients have a responsibility to provide current and correct contact information.

Agreement to payment

By placing an order at PremierEssay.net, the Client automatically provides their permission to the Company to charge their credit or debit card for the full sum specified in the order.

The Client is responsible to pay the full price for the order before the Company assigns a writer to start working on the content.

Order cancellation

The Customer can cancel the order by sending a formal email before the Company assigns the project to a writer who starts working on it. The Company reserves the right to reject the request for cancellation if the Customer violates the user agreement with such act.

After the payment has been processed and the order assigned to a writer, the Client can cancel it and receive a refund. The Company determines the amount of the refund in accordance with the period of time passed after placing the order and the amount of work done by the writer at the time of cancellation.

The Company offers an option for the Client to save the sum for placing future orders at the website instead of receiving a refund.

Resources used

The writers hired by PremierEssay.net use up-to-date resource materials that are relevant to the instructions provided by the Client. Clients can name and upload preferred resource materials for the writers to take into consideration. If the Customer fails to provide the needed resources as quickly as possible, the timely completion of the order may be affected. PremierEssay.net is not to be held responsible for late delivery that results from the Client’s failure to provide the needed materials on time.

When the Customers ask for the usage of specific materials that are not available online, the Company can purchase them after the Customer’s approval. In such instance, the amount paid for the resource will be charged as an additional fee to the Customer.

Instructions provided by the Customer

The Customer has a responsibility to provide all needed details for their project and respond to the writer’s inquiries for additional information or/and clarification of the guidelines provided in the order form. If the Customer fails to provide the requested information, the writer and the Company are not to be held liable if the finished product does not meet the expectations of the Customer.

If the completed product does not comply with the instructions provided in the original order, the Company will provide revisions free of charge. If the Client’s requests for revisions collide with the information provided in the original order, the Company will charge accordingly.

Plagiarized content

If the Client suspects that the content delivered by PremierEssay.net is plagiarized, the Company will provide the results of a plagiarism scan. If parts of the content are recognized as plagiarism, the Company will provide revisions free of charge.

Order delays

PremierEssay.net guarantees to meet the deadlines of all orders that have been accepted. In case of a delivery issue, the Customer has a responsibility to contact the Customer support in a timely manner. When PremierEssay.net is held liable for a missed deadline, the Client will receive partial refund to cover the time difference. The Company also enables the Customer to use the sum as credit for future orders.

The Company is not to be held liable for missed deadlines in the following instances:

  • Electronic/technical issues

The Company is not to be held liable for late deliveries that result from technical issues, electronic failures, or difficulties with the server or Internet provider of the Customer.

  • Inaccurate billing information

The Customer is responsible to provide correct billing information and verify the payment after placing the order. The Company is not responsible for delays that result by the failure of the Customer to comply with this condition.

  • Contact via phone

The Customer is obligated to provide a valid phone number and answer the writer’s calls when urgent clarification and additional instructions are needed. If the Client fails to answer the calls, PremierEssay.net will not be held responsible for the order’s delay.

  • Timely email correspondence

The Customer is responsible to check their email account and provide answers to the writer’s requests for clarification. If the timely delivery is affected because of the failure of the Customer to provide the needed response, the Company is not to be held responsible and a refund will not be provided. 

  • Editing

The Company does not provide free revisions if the Customer’s requirements do not comply with the initially-provided instructions. Such alterations of the content are considered and charged as editing services. Editing services are necessarily reflected on the order’s initial deadline.

Academic level

The Customer is responsible to assign an appropriate academic level when placing their order. If a Client has made a mistake, they are required to immediately contact a representative of the Customer support team. Failure to provide the needed corrections in a timely manner may result with increased final cost.

Legal tender

  • It is solely the Customer’s responsibility to act in accordance with the laws of their state, territory, or country. The Company reports cyber-crime and usage of stolen credit cards to the appropriate authorities.
  • The Customer agrees to use the products provided by PremierEssay.net as reference materials for the academic work they complete on their own. The products provided by the Company are not to be used or published in any other way.
  • PremierEssay.net reserves the right to send emails with information in the form of available discounts, promoted services, new offers, and other relevant details for its Customers. The Customer can easily unsubscribe from the Company’s mailing list if they are not agreeable of receiving such information.
  • The Company protects the privacy of the Customers and visitors at PremierEssay.net. Cookies are solely used in terms of providing a more personalized experience for the Customers. If the visitor at PremierEssay.net is not agreeable with this policy, they can customize their browser’s settings to not accept cookies.   
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