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Why is PremierEssay.net better than other online writing services?

PremierEssay.net provides a quality service with writers who are dedicated to their job of crafting unique and original essays for their Customers. The guarantee at PremierEssay.net is that every Customer will be happy with the grade they receive on their paper, or the refund system that is in place will be called upon. PremierEssay.net operates a very fair refund policy. Customer satisfaction is the primary concern. 

Who are PremierEssay.net?

PremierEssay.net provides a quality service with writers who are dedicated to their job of crafting unique and original essays for their Customers. The guarantee at PremierEssay.net is that every Customer will be happy with the grade they receive on their paper, or the refund system that is in place will be called upon. PremierEssay.net operates a very fair refund policy. Customer satisfaction is the primary concern.

The writers

PremierEssay.net is also only one of a very few number of writing companies that hire only native English writers who have degrees and PhD’s from accredited universities. All of the writers at PremierEssay.net must go through a rigorous process before they are taken on. Not many other agencies are willing to do this. All of our writers are from the US, UK, Australia and Canada. They will only be hired outside of these countries if they are fully proficient in English. Customers have the right to request certain writers from certain countries if they so desire. If not, they will be allocated a writer that best suits their needs.

The work guarantee

Unlike many other companies, PremierEssay.net can guarantee that every piece of written work is crafted from scratch, authentically researched and therefore 100% unique. It will also be delivered on time and referenced appropriately.

Plagiarism check

Every written piece of work at PremierEssay.net is subject to an official and reliable plagiarism check before the finished product is delivered to the Customer. This makes PremierEssay.net different to other companies who often use spin writers or copy and paste techniques to extend work from other existing works in the same area. This is not 100% original. PremierEssay.net will never resell any written work and promise that every work done for every Customer is never seen again. It is completely wiped from the PremierEssay.net database.

PremierEssay.net is an American registered corporation which makes it subject to many consumer protection laws whereas other foreign-based companies aren’t able to protect the Customer against delivery and payment issues. 

Ordering Process

How is an order processed?
  • The Customer must access the PremierEssay.net website where they will be given several methods of contact; telephone, email or live chat, where they can discuss the order or ask any questions about it.
  • Then when the order is ready to be given, the Customer must complete the order form on the website, giving as many details as possible.  The more PremierEssay.net know about the order, the more informed the writer will be about the Customer’s needs.
  • When the order is submitted to PremierEssay.net, they then look for the best writer to assign to the Customer, taking into consideration the type of paper and its field and pairing the order with the appropriate writer with the appropriate experience and qualifications.
  • The Customer will then be notified that they have been assigned a writer and a payment will be requested.
  • Once payment has been received, the Customer will be given instructions for communicating with their assigned writer. This is done so that any additional information can be given to the writer in a timely manner, or so that the writer can contact the Customer in case they need to clarify something or send drafts to be approved.
  • Once the order is complete, it is sent to the review department where mistakes will be checked and a plagiarism scan will be done.
  • The work is then sent to the Customer through their personal PremierEssay.net account and/or via email if that was requested initially.
  • The Customer will then be given 48 hours to review work in case of necessary revisions. Before the allocated 48 hours, revisions can be done by the writer free of charge. After 48 hours, there will be an extra charge and the work may possibly be classed as a separate order. 
What happens if my writer has questions about the order?

If your writer does have questions about your order, they will send a message to your personal account. An email will also be sent to your email address notifying you that you have received such a message from PremierEssay.net. 

What if I need to make revisions or change my order?

This is where you will need to contact our Customer support department. They can be reached by email, phone or live chat and are available 24/7 to deal with any issues you may have. Making changes are best accepted if it is done in a timely manner, with the deadline in mind. 

How do I go about ordering my work for the first time?

As a first time Customer, you will have to create a personal account so that you are able to communicate with your assigned writer. You should access the order form on the PremierEssay.net website and complete all of the required fields in detail. The more detail PremierEssay.net have, the better the final product will be, and the less questions the writer will need to ask you when carrying out the task.

How do I receive my finished order?

You will receive your paper via your personal PremierEssay.net account and receive an email notifying you that your order is ready. You can also request a copy of the plagiarism scan if it is necessary. 

How do I pay for the order?

As soon as your order has been accepted by PremierEssay.net, they will ask you for payment.

This is how you pay PremierEssay.net:

  • Go to My Orders on your personal PremierEssay.net account that you initially created.
  • Open your order check out.
  • Choose the correct option of payment; PayPal, credit cards or bank account.
  • Provide the required information and make a payment.

Please note that if using PayPal, you are aware of the security involved in the process. If you use a credit card or e-check, please be aware that all payments are processed through a secure third party.


Our Proficient Writers

What topics are the writers qualified to write about?

The answer is absolutely anything. PremierEssay.net have managed to build up a pool of writers who are British or American academic professionals. The workforce is constantly being expanded, but only by the top professionals who have years of writing experience under their belt. There is a writer from just about any field of degree and PhD to suit your requirements. It may take up to a day to assign you the perfect writer, but usually it takes just an hour, as we have that many who are experienced in various fields! 

How do you ensure only good writers?

Due to the strict selection process we put all of our writers through, we can guarantee only the best writers will do your job for you. Our selection process makes all candidates submit their academic credentials and certificates alongside a CV detailing their background and experience. If this isn’t enough, we also give all candidates a writing test to get a gage on their writing skills. They will only be accepted as a writer if they score well and their experience and background is solid.

When it comes to a Customer placing an order, they will be assigned a writer based solely on their requirements and topic area. The writer assigned to the job will be more than qualified for the task. You are free to contact the writer to ask them about their qualifications in full if you feel it necessary at any point in the process.  

Can I contact my writer?

The lines of communication will always be open between Customer and writer. You are given the right at PremierEssay.net to communicate freely with your assigned writer. This is a part of our policy of transparency. You know exactly who is doing your work and how they are doing it. This is also means there will be no misunderstandings about what the Customer wants from the paper. The majority of communication is achieved through the PremierEssay.net. 

What happens if I’m not happy with the finished work?

There is always opportunity to have your say. At PremierEssay.net, Customer satisfaction is our main concern. If you are in any way displeased with the finished product you have received then you must contact our Customer department within 7 days of delivery, outlining the problem and requesting a revision. A free revision will be granted if the reasons for such are valid, and the writer will get it to you quite quickly. If the reasons for a revision are more complex and don’t follow your original instructions, an extra charge will be incurred. This will mean extra time on the part of the writer and therefore it is fair that they should be recompensed for their extra work on your project that wasn’t detailed initially. 

Customer-Oriented Guarantees

What happens if my delivery is late?

This is a very rare occurrence and would only be due to instances such as illness, accident or personal emergency in the case of the writer. Our timely delivery happens in over 99% of our orders and in the instance of any of the problem of the above, the Customer will be issued a refund. 

Do I have to tell anyone that I am using your service?

This is entirely your choice. We do not share any personal information related to Customers and your orders will never be traced back to this Company. Your identity will never be known as your personal information is encoded and PremierEssay.net effective firewalls are in place. Once the Customer receives the finished paper, that paper becomes the property of the Customer and is deleted from the PremierEssay.net database. 

Plagiarism and Cheating

How do you prevent plagiarism?

Worrying about the possibility of your paper being plagiarised is common, however, PremierEssay.net takes measures to ensure that this never happens. The writers at PremierEssay.net are bound by the laws in their contracts that state that all of their work must be 100% original and free from plagiarism. Furthermore, PremierEssay.net have a reviewing system where upon the piece of work being finished, it is passed to a department that will edit it and use plagiarism-scan software to check before sending to a Customer. A copy of this scan can be sent to the Customer if necessary. This will detail all of the scan and show the Customer the piece of work is 100% original and free from plagiarism. 

Am I committing plagiarism by using your service?

No. The definition of plagiarism is using the work of another published author or source as your own. When you receive a piece of work from PremierEssay.net, you have bought the product solely to be made for you and hence it is your work. You own it. No one else. This is not plagiarism. 

Is it legal to use your service?

Yes, of course. PremierEssay.net is a registered U.S corporation that is in line with all of the corporation laws that exist in that place. As a Customer, you have the right to purchase any legal product or service you so desire. The purchase of academic writing that is completely original and free from plagiarism is 100% legal. 

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