How It Works

Create an account

Before you can place an order for the first time at you have to create a username and password for the website. Once these details have been entered and confirmed on your email, you have an account.

Place your order

Fill in the order form on the website and complete it with as many details as possible. Filling in all fields is extremely important. The more information you give, the more idea the writer will have of what exactly you require. Modifying details after the writer has already started will be more difficult.

Check your details

Before sending the order form, check all of your details carefully. Check your phone number and email address is correct – this is our method of contacting you!


Before the work gets started, payment must be received. For fraud protection purposes, the billing department may notify you that an order has been placed.

Email confirmation is bound by a policy that states every Client must receive an order of confirmation in the way of an email. This confirmation will contain important details that must be saved; order number, personal account access details, methods of contact etc.

Communicate during the process

If you wish to communicate with your writer or our Customer support department while the writer is working on your order you will have to login to your account on our website. The writer may leave questions for you, and you for them. It is therefore important to check your account often. If the questions you have are of an urgent nature, the writer will aim to respond within a matter of hours. If it is not a matter of urgency, you should expect that the writer will get back to you within 24 hours.

Receive and download your order

Check your email at frequent intervals. Once your order is finished you will receive a message and a link to your account where you can download the finished document. The order can be sent as an email attachment if there are any problems opening it in the personal account.

Complete the Customer satisfaction survey

We want you to be satisfied and so offer you the chance to complete a Customer satisfaction survey where you can tell us how everything went and if you have any suggestions for improvements to the service. We value and respect your comments and try our very best in the future to integrate your opinions into our overall service.

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