Writing an Essay about Love – Limitless Possibilities

September 01, 2015 - Posted to Useful Tips To Improve Essay Writing Skills Writing an Essay about Love – Limitless Possibilities

Essay About Love

You might think that writing an essay about love is something that is reserved perhaps for an English class, in which love is a common theme in literature. Not so! When you get into college, you will find that this concept is woven into many other courses in which you will be enrolled.

  • In a history class, you will discover that love has often been a factor in major decisions that were made by political leaders and other prominent figures.
  • In sociology, you will explore the definitions of love of various cultural groups
  • In psychology, you will also study a variety of definitions of love as well as the psychological damage to people from whom love has been withheld.
  • In religion, you will study the concept of all types of love and how the term is defined by various religions of the world.
  • And of course, in literature courses, you will study the concepts of love as portrayed by a variety of authors.

At some point you will be writing one or more essays related to love. And those essays can be of a variety of types. Here are some possible topics for you based upon the type of essay you may be asked to write.

The Definition Essay on Love

  1. How do various cultures or religions define love?
  2. Do men and women define love differently?
  3. What types of love exist – romantic, familial, altruistic, etc.? Define each of them.

Narrative Essay about Love

  1. Write a narrative about your “first love.”
  2. Write a narrative essay about the love you had for an older family member who died.
  3. Write an essay describing the overwhelming and unselfish love that your parents have for their children.

The Descriptive Essay about Love

  1. Describe how it might feel to be unloved.
  2. Describe the love that very patriotic individuals have for their country
  3. Describe the love for the less fortunate that community volunteers possess
  4. Describe the love that a great teacher has for his/her students

All of these essay types still have one thing in common. They will all address a love definition of some type. Other essays on love could relate love to infatuation, jealousy, apathy, and so forth. For example:

  1. What are the differences between infatuation and love?
  2. When do possessiveness and jealousy destroy love?
  3. What have been extreme and famous examples of love? (e.g., Mother Theresa)
  4. Do people often mistake physical attraction for love?
  5. Can internet-based relationships be defined as love?
  6. What type of love is that between a person and a beloved pet?

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