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At we operate a strict anti-plagiarism policy. This is our guarantee. No paper will be plagiarised.

We verify that before sending completed works to the Customer, the paper is 100% original and written totally from scratch. This is a no exception to the rule statement at  We have always and will always operate in line with this plagiarism-free policy.

Before the Customer receives their finished paper, it will be thoroughly checked through the use of anti-plagiarism software.

This software is specifically developed to check papers, similar to Turnitin reports but the papers are not saved in its database. They are deleted. The software is up-to-date and designed solely to check for plagiarism. It is a reliable and accurate method.

We have a great reputation for protection against plagiarism.

We have established a good relationship with businesses that protect their Customers from plagiarism. If there is even just the tiniest doubt about the originality of a piece of work, rest assured that we will look into the matter immediately and with care. If there is any questionable content, we will revise said content and of course that will be free of charge. If a plagiarism checker like Turnitin, or an academic institution recognises any content as plagiarised then a scanned document of that report will be required for the claim to go through with us.

Customer confidence is important to us.

Because our Customers matter to us, we offer the guarantee that any and all of our papers will stand up to any plagiarism vetting process. Our reputation relies on this guarantee.

We would never risk Customer trust in our Company.

We are a Company with a reputation of honesty, trustworthiness and reliability. This is evident in our impressive rate of returning Customers. This also shows how good our work is and continues to be. We have skilled staff and a high level of Customer care that brings back Customers time and time again. And of course, our guarantee that all of our papers are completely original and free of plagiarism also helps our reputation.

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