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What is an Essay?

An essay is a piece of written work that discusses a specific topic and includes an introduction, main body paragraphs and a discussion and/or conclusion.

There are many different types of essays:

  • College essay
  • Essays that argue points or try to disprove theories
  • Narrative essays that tell a story
  • Persuasive essays that aim to convince the reader
  • Descriptive essays
  • Expository essays that detail facts and engage in powerful statements to grab the reader’s attention.

College Essays

Essay papers can be a lot of different types and they all depend on your academic institution and the purpose of the work. For example, a college essay is something you want to be attractive to the reader because at the end of the day they are the one deciding the success of your application.

Having the best college essay is of paramount importance because if it doesn’t stand out from the crowd, will be overlooked. This does not mean writing about what you think others want to hear, but writing from the heart, and showing people that you care about certain things, and the reasons why you do. This will scream honesty and genuineness, which is a prime objective of such an essay. Nobody wants to read something they’ve read a thousand times before, that’s boring. So making sure to include feelings and experiences that are unique to you.


Essay Writing

Writing an essay is a hard task for many of us, especially if it is to make or break your future like a college essay. Every college application is different because every person is different but making your writing stand out above the rest is something you have to spend time doing and practising to get it right.

How to Write a College Essay

This is a short list of points to remember when it comes to writing essays such as that all important college essay. Keep in mind these points and you’ll be off to a fantastic start.

  • Research other successful applications and what they may have in common with you and your interests.
  • Make a plan of how you want your essay to look.
  • Make columns for your; experiences, abilities, skills, interests etc.
  • Expand these and give your opinions about each one in turn.
  • Choose the ones that sound the strongest and add them to the main body of your essay.
  • Think of some powerful ways to introduce yourself. Practice writing introductory paragraphs until you get it perfect.
  • Think of some powerful ways to end your essay. Practice writing concluding paragraphs that finish with a powerful statement about yourself and that will leave the reader thinking about you, surprised or amazed.
  • Read it over and over again, check for typos and style too. These extra little details could also make or break your future. Attention to detail is key.

Hiring Essay Writers Online

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