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Research Paper writing is certainly not a student’s favorite activity. And such a task is even less attractive when the assignment is for a course that is not of particular interest, when procrastination has left little time to complete it, or when other demands on time prevent the attention that should be given in order to get a good grade. When these situations arise, numerous students choose to use the research paper writing services of Premier Essay, because they know that they will always get high quality and a good grade!

So what makes Premier Essay the preferred source for thousands of students? The answer lies in our policies, practices, and integrity, along with our commitment to the satisfaction of each and every customer. Every student who uses our research paper writing service can expect the same stellar quality and service.

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The Writers We Employ

A soon as an order is submitted, we carefully analyze the details. Of significant importance to us are the academic level of the customer, the genre of writing requested, and, of course the topic. These things determine the writer that will be assigned. If a high school student needs a paper on genetics, the writer will have a Bachelor’s degree in biology; if an undergraduate students needs a case study for a business course, the writer will have a Master’s degree in business; and if a graduate student needs assistance with a thesis or dissertation in in psychology, the writer will have a Ph.D. in that field. In all instances, the research paper writer assigned will have the academic and writing background to meet the standards and expectations of the customer’s needs. We are able to do this because our writing staff encompasses all academic disciplines and all levels of study in those disciplines. While other paper writing services rely on unqualified personnel to re-write and recycle existing essays and papers, our writers work from scratch to create only original writing after conducting authentic research from the most relevant resource materials.

Our Customer Support Provides Full Transparency

An important part of any reputable paper writing service is its customer service. Clients want to be able to contact someone when they have issues or questions; they want to know that their orders are being handled properly and that they will receive their products when they need them. Premier Essay has accommodated these needs by operating a customer support department 24 hours a day, year-round. Someone will always be available to receive phone calls, emails, or to chat live with a customer. In addition to being on the “front line” for communication with customers, these support staff members do the following:

  • Receive orders and assign the correct writers
  • Set up personal account pages for customers so that they make speak directly with their writers
  • Call and/or email customers when clarifications are needed
  • Handle any issues that may arise during the order, production, or delivery processes

We urge our customers to stay in touch – this is how we can give them the best research paper writing service available anywhere.

Custom Writing is all We Do

To us, the term “custom” is vitally important to what we do. It means that our clients are able to give any and all details required to get the piece of writing they need and want. It is our job to assign the most suitable writer and to see to it that the writer has all of the information to create that ordered written work. Once a writer receives a task, s/he begins the research, using the most appropriate sources for the topic and customer academic level or the stipulated resources that the customer needs. That research is conduct authentically and then an original paper is produced that conforms to all of the order details. The finished paper is then sent to our Quality Control Department where it is reviewed for academic soundness, adherence to customer stipulations, and checked for plagiarism. When final drafts of research papers are then delivered to clients, we ask only that they review them carefully to ensure that these pieces are exactly what they want. If not, we want them to put in a request for revisions, so that we can begin them promptly, at no extra charge. This is what being a custom research paper writing service means to us.


Our Papers and Services Come with Guarantees

When you buy a product, you expect that there is at least an implied guarantee that it will not be faulty in any way when you take delivery. At Premier Essay, our guarantees are not implied – they are actual and in writing. This is one very strong reason why our customers only use our research paper service rather than any of our competitors. These are the guarantees everyone enjoys:

  • Authentic research and plagiarism-free custom writing
  • Strict adherence to every detail of every order
  • Delivery by the customer-stated deadline
  • Free revisions as requested
  • Complete confidentiality and firewall protection of customer identity
  • Secure third-party payment processing
  • 24-hour communication access
  • A writer who is fully qualified for the ordered research paper help

Choose Quality Over Price

You can certainly buy research papers very cheaply from numerous other writing services. Cheap price also means cheap quality, so bear that in mind. Expert writers will not work for the prices these companies are charging – common sense should tell you that. We may be a bit more expensive than most other writing establishments; however, when you buy research paper writing from Premier Essay, you will find that the quality will meet the expectations of even the most demanding instructors and professors, and your grades will reflect that quality.

Extra Perks

Discounts: We do have a regular discount program, even for new customers, along with periodic special pricing offers. These are advertised on our site.

Free Pages: While other services may charge for them, we provide bibliographies, title pages and tables of contents for free.

Placing Your Order

It’s easy and fast. Go to our order form and fill in all the fields. Your price will be automatically tabulated. Submit the order, make payment, ad see how quickly your writer will be assigned and accessible to you. If you have any difficulty in this process, just give us a “shout out.” We’ll be ready to assist you!

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