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Creating a Stress Essay – Topics and Tips

The stress essay may be assigned in a variety of courses – health, psychology sociology, and biology to name a few. It is a timely topic and one which impacts our physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioral health and activities. When you are assigned such an essay, you have some initial decisions to make before your proceed.

  • What will be your purpose in writing the essay? Are you planning to provide factual information (expository), are you planning to compare and contrast the behaviors of those who experience stress with those who do not (compare/contrast), or are you planning to present a strong case for the benefits of stress in one’s life (yes, there are some benefits) in a persuasive presentation?
  • Perhaps you have decided to address the causes of stress. This is a common topic, so you need to be careful to provide new and very useful information to the reader. Re-hashing all of the old and tired research and writings on causes will be boring and will not impress your instructor or professor. Your causes of stress essay might want to distinguish between acute and chronic causation, and you can then focus on the impact of major traumatic events as contributors to acute stress.
  •  A good comparison contrast stress essay might speak to the personality characteristics of those people who thrive under stress and those who “buckle” under its weight.

Identifying a clear purpose for you essay about stress will direct both your thesis and your research, and you will find no lack of resource material. If you use good keyword phrases in your search (causes and/or effects of stress, behavioral manifestations of stress, impact of stress on cognitive functioning, benefits of moderate stress, etc.) you will narrow your potential resources to a manageable level.


Organizing Your Content for Writing

Like any other writing, an essay on stress requires some type of graphic organizer before you begin to write.

  1. If your essay is largely explanatory, you will want to prepare an outline that encompasses such things as:
  • Providing a comprehensive definition of stress
  • Identifying known “stressors”
  • Distinguishing between acute and chronic stress
  1. If your essay is of the comparison/contrast ilk, you may want to consider the following topics and use a Venn diagram to organize your thoughts:
  • Contrasting the “fight or flight” responses to stress
  • Comparing the emotional and behavioral responses to stress
  • Writing a stress management essay comparing and contrasting the efficacy of current stress management techniques
  1. If you wish to delve into a persuasive purpose, you can list all of the points of your argument in the order in which you will cover them:
  • Make a case for the benefits of moderate stress – keeping an individual focused, motivated and “on one’s toes,” for example.
  • Make a case for the devastating effects of stress on personal relationships – anger, mood swings, agitation, isolation, etc.
  • Persuade business mangers that reducing stress in the workplace will increase productivity and reduce absenteeism.

Making Your Essay “Pop”

An essay about stress can be really boring to the reader, because people already have so much general knowledge about causes, effects, responses and management. You job will be to find the little-known data and information and to insert anecdotes and perhaps personal stories that will stimulate reader interest. Otherwise, your essay will be tiring and common.

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