The Romeo and Juliet Essay – Love, Intrigue, Blood – What could be Better?

August 21, 2015 - Posted to Useful Tips To Improve Essay Writing Skills The Romeo and Juliet Essay – Love, Intrigue, Blood – What could be Better?

The Romeo and Juliet Essay

A Shakespearian tragedy is studied every year in high school English courses, and, if you take an English literature course in college, you will encounter one or more too. If you major in literature, you will probably read most all of them again. A Romeo and Julie essay will be inevitable at some point.

Classic Elements of Tragedy

Since the time of early Greek drama, there are certain elements that must be present if a play is to be termed a tragedy. The protagonist(s) must have a fatal character flaw, s/he must be killed off in the end, fate or destiny must play a role, and there must be a bit of the supernatural somewhere. The rest is left up to how it all happens. This is not to say that these plays are just superficial “blood and guts” stories. They all have universal themes which usually speak to human nature and major concepts, like love, revenge, etc. So, if you are looking for a topic for an essay on Romeo and Juliet, then these are good places to start.

Fate as a Topic

In the prologue, the chorus pretty much tells you that these two young people will be victims of fate and will die. They are called “star-crossed lovers,” which means that their love is not meant to be. In those days, there were stronger beliefs in astrology as a determiner of fate, and there was little that could be done to change that. So, a Romeo and Julie fate essay might be centered on the role of fate. If only they had not met at that party; if only Romeo had known that Juliet’s “poison” was just a ruse; if only Romeo had not gotten into that battle with Tybalt.

Fatal Flaw as a Topic

There is some disagreement on this element. Did these two kids have fatal flaws or was it their parents who had the fatal flaws? Many see impetuousness as their flaw, and you could certainly make a good case for that, considering they met and married and died within 2 ½ days. And this character flaw also caused Romeo to crash a party and jump into frays. A good Romeo and Juliet essay thesis, then could relate to the impulsivity of youth.

Hatred as a Topic

Shakespeare seems to be saying that holding on the grudges and letting them “fuel the fire” of hatred is a costly and sometimes tragic attitude and behavior. No one can even remember why these two families are feuding – it has just been that way forever, long after the initial causative event.

Getting to a Good Thesis Statement

Once you have decided on your topic, the next step is to formulate a solid thesis statement that will go in your introduction. You can get to one by asking Romeo and Juliet questions on your chosen topic. For example, how many instances of fate were there in the play? What role did the hatred between the two families play in the fate of these two kids? Answer your questions with full sentences, and you will have your thesis.

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