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September 26, 2014 - Posted to Research Paper Writing Guide Essays and Research papers at any taste with the best research paper writing service

Students often get various forms of assignments when they are in school. Essay writing is one of the commonest writing assignments that students get.  Almost all students have written essays by the time they graduate from high school. There are other forms of assignments that students get such as report writing, term paper writing and research paper writing. Research paper writing is fairly common to most students. We can therefore safely assume that writing essays and research papers is one of the commonest writing assignments that students have to deal with during their training.

What Is An Essay?

Basically, an essay can be described as a brief script written based on the writer’s point of view on a certain topic. Essays are usually short rarely going over three pages. Standard essays have three parts which are the introduction body and conclusion. An essay will aim at presenting the writer’s reaction and response to a topic question or text. The writer’s opinion must however be supported by factual evidence.

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What Are Research Papers?

It’s a piece of academic writing in which the writer will research and express finding on a topic. Though he or she will incorporate a few of personal opinion and ideas on the topic in the writing, the main objective of research papers is to present info gathered on the topic. Research papers are often long and maybe even as long as ten pages. The information presented in these papers is purely factual with credible evidence to support it. This form of writing is not as easy as essay writing since it is complicated and detailed at the same time.

How the Two Papers Are Similar

The general structure of essays and research papers is basically the same. The papers generally have an introduction, the main body and a conclusion. Both papers require that a student is organized in his or her writing. Without this organization, the student cannot excel in his or her writing. The papers require some level of study and research for one to adequately write on the topic given. Finally, the essays and research papers can be written with the help of a professional paper writing service such as those found in

How the Papers Differ From Each Other

As much as research papers and essays are academic papers, they differ significantly in a number of ways. First of all a research paper is aimed at building the knowledge of the writer in the topic. An essay on the other lean more to developing writing skills rather than building knowledge. The research paper will consequently be more complex and detailed when compared to an essay. This translates into a research paper being longer than an essay. The cost of the two will also differ in a paper writing service

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