Research paper examples – find the best research paper ideas

December 13, 2014 - Posted to Research Paper Writing Guide Research paper examples – find the best research paper ideas

Research paper writing is something that you will come across for many years when you are in college and universities. You might even work in institutions that require research paper writing. Don’t despair or be afraid of working on these types of paper. All you need to remember is that the process is learnable and becomes easier with practice. There are various research paper examples which we will outline for you below.

Valid Research Paper Examples

Your instructors might be pushing you to write papers that push boundaries and are out-of-the-box. We are definitely going to point out some best research paper ideas for you to consider. Finding topics that will make your target readers want to read your paper is what you need. We have outlined the best ways to find research paper examples and best research paper ideas below:

  • Begin early - The extra time you have will assist you to keep your cool as you look for examples and ideas for your research paper. This will keep your stress levels on the down low, and you will apply your best efforts to your paper.
  • Choose your topic- Pick a topic that is unique and which is going to draw in your readers. Don’t spend your time writing a paper that will cause your readers to discard it, after the first paragraph. The research paper examples outlined below will assist you to narrow your topic.
  • Be Accurate - The facts and information contained in your papers should be accurate. You should support it with evidence such as in-text citations and references. The best research paper ideas are outlined below for you. Take risks with the topics that you choose so that your research paper will stand out from the crowd. Your instructors will be impressed with the papers, and award you appropriately.
  • Keep your focus - Don’t divert away from the main purpose of your topic. The best guidance is your thesis statement. It will guide you as write your paper, and you will come up with the relevant points for your research paper. Make your paper as interesting as possible without diverting from the objectives of the paper.
  • Write and Re-write - Write your papers over and over again until the final draft are complete. Make your drafts more focused and better written until you feel that your research paper is complete. Eliminate the details that are minor or irrelevant to the topic being discussed.
  • Proofread and Edit your papers - Read your papers and correct any mistakes contained in them. They could be grammar, spelling mistakes and others. Also pass your papers through an efficient plagiarism checker that will eliminate all copy-pasted information from your papers.

Finding research paper examples that are viable for your paper requires that you take some time to look for them. There are many places to get the examples and the best research paper ideas from. They include:

  • Library sources and books.
  • The online sources e.g. Jstor
  • Professional writing services
  • The Internet.

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Research Paper Topics

We have outlined various research paper examples and the best research paper ideas that you can use to write your research papers.  They include:

  • The Fashion Industry- What is its effect on the self-esteem and body image of teenagers and adult individuals?
  • Substance abuse in parents- What are the effects to the children living in drug-abuse homes? Do they carry it to their adult lives?
  • Corporal Punishment-What are the effects of corporal punishments? Discuss using theoretical and philosophical evidence.
  • What are the psychological effects of the internet to children? Does it impair their development?
  • Recycling is important in keeping the environment clean. Should the process be mandatory to everyone?
  • Crime continues to rein havoc on various homes, schools and other institutions. Should gun ownership be allowed in these neighborhoods?
  • The internet is a vital communication and information hub. Should it become a free service, or should users continue to pay for access?
  • Cigarette smoking is a harmful situation for both smokers and none-smokers. Should the smokers be made to pay a health tax? Should the cost of cigarettes rise?

These are some of the examples and ideas that you can use to write your research paper. When you’re completely lost on which research paper examples to write about, simply visit our website for the assistance you need.

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