Juvenile justice essay

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The Juvenile Justice Essay – Some Hot Topic Options

If you think that the juvenile justice essay is an assignment only for students in criminal justice programs, think again. The entire issue of juvenile delinquency and the judicial systems that have been established to deal with youth offenders have become a points of controversy and discussion in sociology, psychology, political science, health, and anthropology coursework as well. And because there is significant cost involved in the legal process, incarceration, and treatment of juvenile offenders, the issue will be addressed, if only minimally, in some economics classes. If you have received an essay or paper assignment on the topic of juvenile delinquency and/or the juvenile justice system, you will probably find the entire field of study pretty interesting and should enjoy doing some research in this area.


Where the Controversies Lie

Because laws impacting juvenile offenders are products of state governments, there is a wide range of variance from state to state; however, there are certain issues that are nationally debated and make great topics for essays of all types. Following are some great topic ideas:

Narrative Essays

  • Write a juvenile delinquency essay telling the story of young person you have known who was involved in the juvenile justice system. What were his/her offenses? What were the consequences? Did the interventions of the court system have a positive impact on this person?
  • Interview an adult who was a juvenile delinquent and who spent time in a residential facility operated by the juvenile justice system. What were his/her experiences? Did the time spent have a positive or negative impact on this person?

Cause/Effective Essays

  • Conduct some solid research and write a juvenile crime essay citing the most significant causes of juvenile delinquency.
  • What makes kids join gangs? Read some of the research or interview a former gang member.
  • What economic impact does juvenile delinquency have at the local and/or state levels? Consider factors such as higher dropout rate, costs of housing youth in state-run facilities, recidivism, treatment and rehabilitation programs, etc.
  • What role do drugs play in juvenile crime?

Persuasive/Argumentative Essays

  • Should juveniles be tried as adults essays are common assignments in criminal justice and sociology courses. This topic is quite controversial and there are many resources available with data and statistics.
  • Write an essay against or in support of the privatization of juvenile detention centers and residential facilities. Use some recent examples in which judges placed juveniles in facilities and received “kick-backs” from the private owners.
  • Write a death penalty for juveniles essay, and expand the discussion into the punishment vs. rehabilitation controversy.
  • Should there be separate residential facilities for juvenile offenders who have diagnosed mental illness and those who do not?

General Topics for Descriptive and Expository Essays

Juvenile delinquency essay writing can address the process by which juveniles are taken into custody, the court hearing process, probation options, mandatory treatment and rehabilitation programs, prevention, and after-care options.

While statistics show that juvenile crime is on the rise, especially in urban settings, there are certainly problems with current research. Is it really more prevalent or are the results skewed because police and juvenile justice systems have become more efficient? Another great topic for a juvenile delinquency essay would be a comparison of the typical juvenile offenses of 40 years ago with those of today. Has the incidence of violence increased, for example?

Often an essay on juvenile delinquency and justice can involve a great deal of research, and there is a significant amount of information and data through which you must sort as you identify and refine your topic and develop a thesis. If you do not have the time or motivation to complete such an essay, don’t settle for a poor grade. Get some professional help from Premier Essay writing service and turn in a stellar essay.

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