Interesting research paper topics and fascinating examples of research papers – get what you want

September 26, 2014 - Posted to Research Paper Writing Guide Interesting research paper topics and fascinating examples of research papers – get what you want

Research papers are common to most students in higher levels of education especially from high school upwards. This form of writing is aimed at helping the student research and learn more about particular research paper topics. It is a form of writing that basically entails presentation of information that has been sourced from various places. The information should be factual backed by reliable evidence. The performance of a student in research paper writing has a significant role in ensuring that the student has a good grade at the end of the academic year.

Research Paper Topics Online Help

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Interesting and Unique

One way that you can ensure that you get a good grade in your writing is by writing on research paper topics. Most of the time students in the same class tend to go for simple research paper topics that do not call for a lot of exertion. These topics are however not very interesting and they’ll most likely not appeal to the teacher or professor who grades them. The outcome of such papers is almost always a poor grade. You can however avoid such a fate by writing on unique topics that are interesting.

Be Creative

Finding research paper topics calls for extreme creativity. You can draw inspiration to work on such topics from the occurrences around you. Common issues that may be trending in your locality form the best interesting topics for research papers. You could also research and write about a mysterious event or phenomena that you have heard about. The research paper topics should be captivating and the language you use should make your writing interesting. It’s however important to remember that you are writing a research paper and therefore any information that you provide in your writing ought to be factual and not fictional

Some research paper topics that you can  write about include;

  • Unethical business practices that are thriving fast and widely
  • Alternatives to the death penalties
  • Teen pregnancy trends
  • Environmental issues such as going green

An example of an interesting research paper is given below, more examples of research papers can be found at


Is the Third Eye A Myth or Reality? Can One Really Open a Third Eye

John Chris

Excellent Community College





Author’s Note

This paper was prepared for sociology X102 taught by Prof. Walong




Is the Third Eye A Myth or Reality?






Is the Third Eye A Myth or Reality?







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