Human Trafficking Essay

June 18, 2015 - Posted to Useful Tips To Improve Essay Writing Skills Human Trafficking Essay

Writing a Sensitive Yet Informative Human Trafficking Essay

Many people refer to human trafficking as a silent form of slavery. This description is used because victims of human trafficking often walk among the rest of us unable to share their desperate stories, or to ask for help. Victims of human trafficking are scared into silence by their oppressors who threaten their families and ability to move freely. Many trafficking victims are brought into America from other countries under the guise of becoming students or getting jobs. Instead of these promises being kept, they are forced into slavery until they can pay off “debts” that they or members of their family have incurred. This is a real problem, and if you have the opportunity to write a human trafficking essay, you might be able to educate your readers on this difficult subject. Please take the time to read over some suggestions for human trafficking essays.


Human Trafficking Essay Ideas and Suggestions

Here are some topic ideas for this tense and meaningful subject:

  • Do attitudes and resentments about illegal immigration put young people at risk for becoming victims of human trafficking?
  • Should victims of human trafficking be granted political asylum no matter what their country of origin is?
  • Many victims of human trafficking are mistaken for prostitutes. What can be done to train law enforcement officers to discern who is a victim of trafficking, and who is a willing participation in the crime of prostitution?
  • Will decriminalizing prostitution and possession of drugs reduce human trafficking in the United States?
  • Write an essay on human trafficking that discusses the warning signs the average person can look for.
  • What can social service employees do to assist the victims of human trafficking.
  • Write an essay on human trafficking that addresses the issue of poverty and modern day slavery.
  • Do modern attitudes on women's rights contribute to the upswing of human trafficking rates?
  • Should the owners of websites such as Craigslist be held accountable for enabling human traffickers?
  • Write a human trafficking argumentative essay on recent government policies. Do these policies make a difference?
  • Take some time to read an account of somebody who has escaped human trafficking. What were your impressions of that person?
  • What could possibly motivate somebody to treat another human being as property?
  • Should government agencies be allowed listen in on private communications in order to fight human trafficking?
  • Many victims of human trafficking often continue on to help their captors select more victims. At what point does a victim of trafficking become a perpetrator?
  • Are there local agencies in your area that deal with this issue? What programs do they have in place to aid victims or to raise awareness?
  • Do laws related to underage prostitution, truancy, and running away serve to punish young victims of human trafficking while the people who are truly guilty go free?

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