What is a descriptive essay and how to produce descriptive essays

November 25, 2014 - Posted to Useful Tips To Improve Essay Writing Skills What is a descriptive essay and how to produce descriptive essays

Here we are going to get you introduced to one of the most picturesque and vividly explained essay-form. You have landed to this page to learn about writing a good descriptive essay, or haven't ever written a descriptive essay before. Starting from what it means, to how to put together an effective descriptive essay, you would find most of it below.

What is a descriptive essay?

Descriptive essays are focused towards presenting themselves in such a writing style, that it creates a realistic experience in the minds of the readers. It isn't written in a formal and too-professional language, and targeted towards making the readers visualize the content rather than simply reading it. Descriptive essays are mostly written on a person, place, a personal experience or any object.

The purpose is to describe the element, mostly with the support of generalized facts, but making it interesting by writing in colorful details. This type of essay is a very creative way of writing to simply describe about any observation. One thing to keep in mind is to have a purpose-statement before you pick any topic for writing your descriptive essay.

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How to write a descriptive essay?

The first thing to keep in mind before starting to write this type of essay is that, you are not going to simply write, but show what you are writing. While your readers read your essay, they should be able to see the picture of what you are describing. Example, 'The pink building had all the dry flakes coming out, but reminded me of the royal days it used to shine bright and high.' This way, your readers would be able to visualize a pink-colored old and flaky building, which used to be shining once upon a time.

Here are a few quick tips to write a descriptive essay:

  • Like all the other forms of essays, you need a topic for writing a descriptive essay as well. You could do this by looking at the 4 categories mentioned above. For describing purpose, you may pick any object, person, place or a personal situation you experienced.
  • After you have chosen the topic on which you would present your picturesque description, decide a purpose for which you are writing this type of an essay. Having a thesis-statement for a descriptive essay is a must. The thesis-statement would guide your entire essay, and most of your content would depend on this purpose-statement.
  • While you start describing the topic, try to take out certain observations that could be listed down under smell, taste, touch, sound, and see. If you put some information under these categories, you would be able to include a lot of experiential components to make your essay livelier.
  • Structuring your essay is very important, not just from the view of clarity in presentation, but also to join the content logically.
  • Providing sensory details is the most important key point while you write your descriptive essay.

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