How to write a five paragraph essay on abortion

December 25, 2014 - Posted to Useful Tips To Improve Essay Writing Skills How to write a five paragraph essay on abortion

Like most of the other essays, we have another format of framing essays, called '5 paragraph' essay. This type of essay writing is considered to be highly convenient from the point of view of flexibility and ease of writing. Five paragraph essay is one of the most initial-level and easy-to-follow type of writing. If you are new to it, and wish to quickly get some steps to write your next assignment on five paragraph essay, we have compiled some quick steps for you.

How to write a five paragraph essay?

As the name suggests, this type of essay includes five paragraphs. What all is included in those 5 paragraphs is elaborated below -

  1. As in most cases, the 1st paragraph is the opening, or the introduction. This paragraph opens the theme of the essay, and does the job of setting the tone. Ideally the language of this paragraph is kept catchy to bring immediate attention of the readers. If your essay is going to discuss about any argumentation or issue, your 1st paragraph also includes the hypothesis, which would be further taken ahead in the following paragraphs. This paragraph could be used to mention about the characters, resources, etc.
  2. The 2nd paragraph ideally elaborates the purpose of the essay writing. This also includes the scope, which lets the readers decide whether they find any value in the essay or not. As this essay consists of only 5 paragraphs, you need to be very clear in each paragraph, without any fluff or unnecessary dragging. If you wish to include any facts or statistics, that would make the content stronger. Any startling facts also keeps the readers interested in finding what's coming next.
  3. The 3rd paragraph is a transition to the main body of the essay. Till the end of two paragraphs, you have set the tone, introduced the topic, and warmed-up the readers to proceed. Now it's turn to jump off to the main arguments. As you have very less space in this structure of essay, you need not put any unnecessary information just to drag the essay. As precise you would be, that much intelligent your essay would project to be.
  4. The 4th paragraph is also similar in content to the 3rd one, but you need to be careful to not present it like a repetition, otherwise your readers would get an impression that your observations and studies are insufficient. While structurally, this part of the essay also talks about the main content, it still needs to be different content-wise.
  5. The 5th and the last paragraph concludes the summary and the key note behind the entire essay. You need to keep in mind that lot of times the readers try to find out the main message of the essay by simply reading the conclusion. Hence, you need to ensure that the conclusion is equally strong. This section needs to be strong in terms of communication, so that the readers realize that your content was strong.


A 5 paragraph essay on abortion:

If you have to write a 5 paragraph essay on abortion, you can write a strong essay following the above steps, while a few tips for you would be:

  • As you are writing about a topic like abortion, you need to decide the tone, key message your essay is going to deliver, and the final argument you will try to present till the end.
  • As you start writing your essay, make sure your opening 1st paragraph includes a few strong facts related to the rate of abortion in your country, world, or any location as per your essay-design. You may also start off by mentioning as to why abortion is an important topic to talk about, and the reason that made you write about abortion.
  • While you conclude your essay on abortion in the 5th paragraph, be clear about what your discussion was all about. Be firm on what you present, and connect all the facts with your conclusion.

If you followed the above mentioned steps, the question 'How to write a five paragraph essay' shouldn't bother you, because be it an essay on abortion, or any other topic, the procedure to be followed remains as explained above. 

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