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The Financial Need Essay – Your Future May Depend on It!

If you are one of the huge numbers of aspiring college students who face the challenge of financing your education fully on your own, you probably understand the importance of searching for any and all sources of outside financing. Certainly, Pell Grants and student loans are available in varying amounts, and you certainly will consider part-time employment that can supplement those grants and loans. But, in the end, if you can qualify for financial aid scholarship money, you will be able to reduce the amount of student loan debt that can cripple you for many years after graduation. When you apply for such scholarships, you will undoubtedly be required to create a financial need essay that presents your need in very personal and compelling terms. When all else is equal among applicants, the essay may tip the scales in your favor.


Some Tips for Your Financial Aid Essay

Remember, there a numerous philanthropic organizations that have goals of meeting financial needs of students who are worthy. Research these organizations, study their criteria, and apply to all that are a fit for your specific situation. You do not get what you do not ask for, so ask for aid from every potential source! As you compose your essay, think about these important inclusions:

  • You need to “show,” not “tell.” Don’t just state that you come from a poverty household. Show what that poverty has been like as you have grown up within its grips. Have there been times when there was not enough food? Have you gone without a winter jacket or appropriate shoes? Have you been responsible for younger siblings because a parent has had to work two jobs? Were you prevented from involvement in some co-curricular activities because money was not available for fees? Has the death of a parent thrown the rest of your family into financial insecurity? Get personal!
  • Use personal stories in your financial need scholarship essay. While this certainly relates to the previous tip, if you can provide a narration of a single most impactful event or circumstance, it can provide all of the appeal that you need.
  • Write a different essay for each organization to which you are applying, based upon your research of that organization. Goals of each entity, and the reasons for awards may differ, so be certain that our essay addresses their criteria.
  • Ask yourself some important questions before you prepare for your writing:
  • What would the impact on you personally if you could receive this aid award?
  • What personal or family circumstances “prove” you need? Do you have a parent with a debilitating medical condition that has drained the family finances? Has a middle-aged parent lost his/her job and been unable to find employment that compares to prior income? Has your family faced foreclosure or bankruptcy, and, if so, what have been the results? Do not be afraid to appeal to the emotions of the decision-makers.
  • What have you already done or what do you intend to do to make your own financial contribution to your educational expenses? Many organizations want to see that a student has plans to earn some of the money for schooling expenses. It shows motivation, earnestness, and a sense of personal responsibility.
  • Once you have organized your thoughts, get online and look at a financial need essay example or two. These will give you good structural ideas for “winning” essays.
  • Make certain that your introduction is as compelling as possible. Begin with a short, really impactful statement or a short anecdote about yourself. You want to grab attention immediately and set yourself apart from all competitors. If you study any financial need essay example for scholarship awards, you will clearly see that you are “hooked” from the first sentence!

A financial need essay requires careful thought, a lot of introspection, and, perhaps most important, a great deal of creativity. If you have doubts about your ability to produce such an essay, consider using a wonderfully creative writer from Premier Essay. You can provide all of your personal background and circumstances, and let a real prove weave all of that into an exceptional piece of writing that will make you memorable!

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