Essay plagiarism checker – make sure your essay is clear

September 29, 2014 - Posted to Useful Tips To Improve Essay Writing Skills Essay plagiarism checker – make sure your essay is clear

With the increasing use of online writing services by students, professors have become alert, and hence, the universities have introduced various methods of checking if the papers you submit aren't copied from elsewhere. The smart and advanced techniques they use make it easy to catch the sources from where the document is copied. So, this rules out your chances to copy your essay from any online source.

In addition to that, there are so many writing services that claim to write an original essay for the students and deliver a low quality copied content, which again gets caught, and we can guess the consequences of being caught. The assignment gets cancelled, or we get the re-work to our plate, and even worse results may arrive.

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What is an essay plagiarism checker?

Essay plagiarism checker is a highly effective and smart tool that figures out even a single set of words that look copied from any other resource. There are various types of essay plagiarism checkers in place, some of which are paid while some are free to use.

The free ones have a very limited functionality, and can only gather limited information and hence a lot of content is left without checking. While the paid plagiarism checkers have a full-fledged features that ensure that no document passes the test without being completely churned and proves its originality.

Writing services and plagiarism checks

Almost all of the writing services ensure delivering the work product in a high quality and originality. While very few actually buy plagiarism checkers to cut the cost. This leads to the student suffering in case of being caught. Such services claim a lot of guarantees but they turn out to be illegitimate and the student has to face the music and the bad grades.

You need to make sure that the services that you pick are actually legitimate and you can trust in them while investing in them. If you start working with a new company in getting your papers written, start off with very small assignments, and get the document checked from another service under proofreading. If you get the surety that the document is original, it's wise to stick to the service for long time.

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As we are a long-term player in the market of writing, and have been giving a great work quality to our clients with high satisfaction rate and great client-turnaround ratio, we have an entire quality-check procedure setup done. We have brought a highly advanced plagiarism-checker, which is similar to Turnitin, and ensures that each and every sentence is freshly written. Unless the document passes this checker, we don't deliver the document to our clients. Not just our every document needs to pass the plagiarism-check, but in case the clients request the report, we also generate reports and send. Our plagiarism-free guarantee is very strict, and due to that our clients come back to us with a great satisfaction towards their received work. 

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