Find out how to create an essay structure - essay introduction

November 04, 2014 - Posted to Useful Tips To Improve Essay Writing Skills Find out how to create an essay structure - essay introduction

A newbie to writing an essay? There is nothing to worry about! We have compiled here everything you would need to know in order to put together a great essay.

Assuming that you are new to writing essays, we would follow the steps like this -

  • Meaning of Essay
  • Essay introduction
  • Essay topics
  • Essay structure
  • Essay tips

Meaning of Essay. Essay Structure

An essay is a written document, which could be on any wide topic as per the writer's choice, and presents the writer's point of view. There are various types of essays, but most of the essays have common methodology of writing. The parts of essay include - introduction, essay body and essay conclusion.

Essay Introduction

The opening of the essay makes the introduction of it. This isn't just the opening lines, but conveys a lot of information about the essay. This communicates the scope of the essay, the purpose of writing and the direction of the flow. Hence, it is always prescribed to keep the introduction rich but simple.

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Essay Topics

A good topic makes it easy to proceed, and leave an impression on the readers with good content. Hence, it is very important to pick good essay topics. A topic needs to qualify certain criteria before being finalized:

  • It should be interesting for you to write upon
  • It should have a lot of content available online as well as offline for you to gather information
  • It should grab attention of a good amount of readers
  • It should not be misleading, and should have connection with the content written in the main essay body

Essay Structure

As soon as the topic is ready, we can jump off to writing the main content of the essay.

  • The essay introduction remains its opening part, and it also gives direction to the next parts of the essay.
  • Research well while trying to gather some content for your research, and jot down all the important points that would make your essay body.
  • Take each point and start writing you argumentation and facts around that. Points related to each other should be put together.
  • Put major headings as well as sub-headings clearly to differentiate the information, as to what follows what.
  • Based on the format prescribed for the essay, compile the bibliography or reference-list, to support the authenticity of the information you have provided.
  • The essay conclusion should be precise but rich enough to compile the most important pieces of arguments proven in the essay. It is to be remembered, that in many cases, the readers read only the essay conclusion to find out what the essay majorly talks about. Hence, it is advisable to put in enough time and effort in making the conclusion impressive to persuade the reader to go through the essay entirely.

Essay tips

All essays follow almost same structure, but not all are counted to be great writings. It is the perfect blend of rich information, right structure, and presentation. Certain things you need to keep in mind to make sure your essay proves to be a highly competitive one as compared to most in the crowd.

  • The essay should be proofread several times. Any grammatical mistakes lead to huge loss of readership, as it indicates that the writer is naïve in dealing with essays. Hence, that raises a question mark on the authenticity of the information provided as well.
  • The formatting should be carefully done keeping in mind the initial requirement. There are several formats of writing, including MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, etc., and the essay should strictly follow the guidelines as per the allocated format.
  • The indentation, spacing, bulleting of important points, headings and sub-headings, etc. make an important place in the essay presentation.
  • The essay introduction, essay body and essay conclusion should have very simple language, and should include factual information rather than personal opinion.
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