Chicago style essay example for your essay on death penalty

December 01, 2014 - Posted to Write My Essay From Scratch Cheap Chicago style essay example for your essay on death penalty

Your instructors have given you a difficult essay on death penalty.  Your mind is already struggling to understand what the essay is about. Later on, they tell you that it’s a Chicago style essay. This makes your senses kick in as you wonder where to begin with the whole essay. has dealt with many requests from our clients asking us to assist them in writing their essay on death penalty. The Chicago style of writing is a format that is used in academic writing. It’s slightly different from other academic writing styles because it has a specific method of referencing, and also page formatting. Our website has professional writers who have dealt with the stress of this type of writing. They have prepared various Chicago style essay examples that will make your essay creative.

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Chicago Style Essay

Many websites offer essay examples but is the leading professional website in creative essay writing. We know what is entailed in writing an essay on death penalty. The essay discusses about the embodiment of the death penalty as a capital punishment in many countries and states. The quality of your sources is vital when you are writing your essay. There are various reliable essay examples which you can use to provide you with accurate arguments, for your essay. They include:

  • Amnesty International Website-This website provides you with information on human rights, and how the death penalty affects human rights.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the death penalty- The article is extensive, and it also describes the overview for the arguments towards the death penalty and against it.
  • Mental illness and death row-This publication aims to abort the death penalty, especially if the convicted persons are affected by mental illness or retardation.
  • The Death Penalty links - There are links dedicated for pro-death penalty and others that are dedicated against. Here you may find papers written by students on capital punishment topics.

Factors to Consider when Writing Essay

Most instructors prefer that the essay on death penalty is written as a Chicago style essay. The essay has a special format to follow when you are writing your paper. has various Chicago style essay examples on our website. There are various issues to consider when writing the papers. They include:

  • Title Page - The title for the paper is usually centered one-third of the way, down the page. It is not underlined on bolded either. When the title is more than one line, it is double-spaced.  Halfway down the page, you should center your name. Your course number, instructor’s name, and date should be double-spaced and separated.
  • The Date -It should be written in the following Month, Day and Year format.
  • Other works titles-These should be italicized. The rules are similar to MLA style format. The work titles should be placed in quotation marks too.
  • Page numbers -All the pages should be numbered at the upper right corner of the page. Your last name should precede this. The title page shouldn’t have a page number. The page succeeding the title page should be numbered page 2.
  • Margins -The margins should one inch apart. The right margin shouldn’t be aligned.
  • Line spacing-the entire argument should be double-spaced. There shouldn’t be any extra spaces within the document. The single-spaced lines only appear in the bibliography and the notes.
  • Indentation - The first line of every paragraph should be indented by half an inch by pressing the tab key once.
  • Footnotes - Your quotes, sources and paraphrases should be included as footnotes.
  • Bibliography- You should have a list of works page/bibliography for your quotes and paraphrases.
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