How to create catchy hooks for essay on respect

December 22, 2014 - Posted to Useful Tips To Improve Essay Writing Skills How to create catchy hooks for essay on respect

What is a catchy hook?

A hook is anything that catches the attention of the readers. It could be anything from a phrase to a sentence, that grabs immediate attention of the readers to proceed with the reading. In a crowd of almost similar-structured essays, your essay needs to be able to hook people in order to stand apart. An anecdote or a punch-line which isn't disconnected to the main essay, but gives attractive edges to the note could be added.


Why is catchy hook important?

As you are assigned an essay, you might have received instructions regarding the format, subject-matter and resources-to-refer-to, but that doesn’t mean you would have to keep the content boring and monotonous. Staying inside the boundaries of the formats, you can make your essay very attractive. The essay might be focused towards getting scores from the professor, but you can't deny the fact that a boring essay can't impress neither professor nor general audience. Hence, it is important to do something extra to your essay that makes your readers read your essay from start till the end.

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Adding a hook to your essay

Adding hooks for essay could be done in various categories. We have mentioned down some of the types of hooks for essay you may go through and pick the kind of catchy hooks that fit your topic and situation.

  • Sayings of popular personalities are added as hooks for essay. Pick some people who are known by masses should be picked, and you may research for his/her most popular quotes, and add to either the opening of the essay, or add between the essay at places making sense.
  • Adding anecdotes doesn't mean spoiling your essay by adding absurd humor. But it means keeping the language light at certain places and formally funny to make the readers giggle at places where it gets too serious, and you fear their walking out of the essay. There isn’t a need to crack jokes literally, but you can do this by using informal words and flexible language.
  • Creating a picturesque description helps readers stay interested. This includes describing characters, people or situations in a way that it forms a realistic scenery in the mind of the people, and helps them feel the essay. This is also an interesting hook easy to be placed in most of the essay forms.
  • You may also include any interesting fact, mentioning that further details of the fact are given in the later part of the essay. This would make the readers go through the content to figure out the further details.

How to write an essay on respect with a catchy hook

There are several types of essays, like essay on respect, which are not very jazzy and attractive, and it becomes all the more difficult to grab any reader's attention. Although, looking at the above categories you should be able to make some good catchy hooks, but, if you still are new to adding catchy hooks to your essays, and wish to know how they actually look like, we have put together a couple of examples for you.

  • 'There is no respect for others without humility in one's self.' - Henri Frederic Amiel.
  • 'The boss of the firm turned to the secretary and said 'Respect, and nothing else I expect', which reminder her of the lion and mouse story she read long back'.
  • 'Even Mahatma Gandhi loudly spoke that those who command strength and respect shake the world.'

Adding hooks to the essay on respect depend on the kind of theme you have picked to elaborate it. But looking at one of the categories above, you should be able to get some nice, attractive, and catchy hooks added to your essay. 

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