Autism research paper – find the way to solution

December 16, 2014 - Posted to Research Paper Writing Guide Autism research paper – find the way to solution

Autism is a term that you might have heard in passing from the media, autism foundations, family friends and others. It is a neurological disorder that impairs children’s social interaction habits, and their communication. It is mainly diagnosed before the child has reached the age of three years. When you are taking a course related to medicine and other medical practices, it is important to write a research paper. You might base your thesis on medical topics such as autism, epilepsy, glaucoma and other diseases that are yet to find to cures. There are widespread autism effects around the globe.

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Research Paper on Autism

In-depth research is carried out with regards to the disorder, and advancements are made in the medical field.  The public is also provided with information that will assist them to understand the disorder. We will give you tips on writing an autism research paper. Your paper should follow a very strict guideline, and the information provided within must be accurate. Your arguments must be portrayed in a serious manner. This assists the reader to recognize that the information in the papers is important, and they will take it seriously. The writing guidelines for a successful autism research paper include:

  • The Outline - For a research paper, the format is universal with the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.
  1. Introduction - This is the first paragraph of your paper, and it should contain your thesis statement. This will introduce the readers to your paper, and make them aware of the topic you are about to discuss. You can add a hook for example quotes, shocking facts and others that will get your readers to continue reading your autism research paper.
  2. The Body - The thesis statement should be supported by accurate facts. It should be divided into paragraphs that will expound on the main points of the research paper. It is best to start with the points that will impact the readers deeply. Back up your points with strong evidence. Provide your readers with research findings too.
  3. Conclusion - The conclusion should be a summary of the main points made in your argument. Your thesis statement should be re-stated in this paragraph but not in a similar manner to the introduction paragraph of your autism research paper. This will assist your reader to either agree or disagree with you regarding your research and findings.
  • Carry out Research - The main sources of your autism research paper will be found when you carry out your research work. It acts as the backbone of your academic research paper. The research work should be in-depth, and the main points found should be narrowed down to manageable topics. These include:
  1. Definition of autism.
  2. Classification of autism historically and today.
  3. Causes of autism and its diagnosis.
  4. Management of autism for individuals with different ages.
  5. How autism individuals function within the society, and vice versa.
  6. The effects of autism to the family
  7. Support systems in place for individuals with autism.
  • The Writing Process - This is considered the hardest part of the research paper. You will write drafts, formats, references and citations in this section. The difficult part is involved during the structuring process. Your autism research paper should have a strong introduction which illustrated the point you are putting across. The introduction paragraph should draw your readers to read the rest of the essay. The conclusion paragraph should contain your final findings, and solutions for autism research up-to-date.

No one can be an island in the academic world. There are various resources to use to research your work, and get the relevant information you require. There are also professional writing websites that have writers ready to provide you with the writing tips you need.  Check them out, and write an accurate, valid research paper.

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