Argumentative essay topics for best college essays

November 28, 2014 - Posted to Useful Tips To Improve Essay Writing Skills Argumentative essay topics for best college essays

So this is the time to write an argumentative essay, and you aren't sure of what it is? We have put together everything you need to know about argumentative essays, starting from what they are, how to write, what differentiates them from other, and some examples to give you idea to start with.

What is an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay is a persuasive piece of writing, which consists of certain elements that enable the readers to understand your perspective. The writer presents certain pros and cons around the topic. As this is a persuasive type of writing, you need to be very strong in putting the argument ahead, supported with facts and unquestionable statements. The readers would have their own preferences against your essay, but your content needs to be strong enough to answer them.

To start learning to write an argumentative essay, you need to know:

  • Picking a good topic:

A topic is the first step towards writing any type of essay. In terms of argumentative essay also, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the topic should be something of your personal interest. You cannot persuade anyone to agree with you until your arguments are strong enough, which is very unlikely to happen if the topic doesn't interest you. Also, you need to understand that simply having a belief in something of your interest isn't enough. Your interest needs to be something having a lot of factual statements available as well.

  • List down both sides of arguments

For being able to make strong points and persuade people to accept that your picked choice is the best, you need to know both the sides' statements. It is part of the essay structure to present both sides of the arguments. You present both sides of the arguments, and present your thoughts as well as facts supporting both. Once you present both the arguments and compare both, you can now proceed with explaining why you support one of those.

  • Collecting facts and evidences

The supportive text cannot be fictional or personal thoughts-based. Before you put the two sides of arguments, you need to research a lot and collect supportive statements. The readers would have a lesser impact if your text doesn't refer to various authentic sources. Personal point of view leads less impact in case of an argumentative essay.

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What is a college essay?

If you have applied for a reputed university, and have received information about the mandate to pass a college essay test, you know what it means. If you are new to it, and do not know what it is, here is a quick definition for you.

College essays are a note about yourself, that present your important skill-sets, achievements, accolades, and credentials, that give good reasons to the selection-board to pick you over other students competing for the admission.

What makes the best college essays?

  • Your college essay is a piece of information about you, which should be impressive enough to let the selector pick you for the next steps in assuring your admission in the college. While you plan to write college essays, make sure you remember these tips:
  • Your opening lines should be impressive, but not fluff. They should represent important set of skills, but not boast.
  • The formatting as well as the visuals of the essay should look systematic and clear.
  • Your similar accolades need to be compiled in separate phrases, and not distorted into several. This gives a message to the selector that your content is repetitive.

Some argumentative essay topics

That remains the first worry for every student. An essay topic that gives good enough scope for pros and cons is not easy to find. We have put some essay topics together to help you get some idea about your own set of argumentative essay topics:

  1. Is our taxation policy fair?
  2. Paternity leaves for men, right or not?
  3. Using animals for research
  4. IS Sex education to teens justified?
  5. Is it right to ban cell phones inside financial company premises?
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