History of Russia

In history, of Russia it faces serious challenges in 1990s, firstly its conversion from communism to capitalist, industrial inefficiency, highest inflation rate, lack of inadequacy in managers and lack of understanding among workers, which lead to disturbance in the market place (Brown, Archie, Michael Kaser, and Gerald S. Smith 1994) . Learning from Russian history shows that east Slavic speaking land of Belarus was known as the "White Russia" and Ukraine was known as "Little Russia" in early 1990s, which is no longer a part of Russian empire.

Currently, Russia is known for its deep love of nature mainly for their forest and because of that it was also called as wooden Russia (Service, Robert 1997). Russia is famous for its luxurious fur of animal mainly of the fox. Russian language is a mixture of European-Indo languages because they are related and mostly everyday words are similar like brat means brother and many more, Russia has borrowed a large number of words from English mostly business terms (Brown, Archie, Michael Kaser, and Gerald S. Smith 1994).

The persistent in pattern of Russian history because of its largest city which is Moscow, which was initiated as the capital of Russia (Service, Robert 1997). The important point of disruption is Russian history is its involvement in World War I, which cost millions of lives and caused severe disruption in Russia's backward economy and destroyed its military.  Because of this, changes were faced by Russian people due to lack of money, food, etc.

The study shows, history of Russia is different from other countries because of its seriousness in the international situation even after loosing its industry in War II, but they build their army and military strong (Service, Robert 1997). Russians are still foremost in many areas of music and dance. Russia is more popular for its classical music and dance performances. Culture of Russia is different from other countries because of its eternal work of classics of fiction, music, painting and other arts.



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