Home Health Care as Epitomized by Bluebird Care (Kensington and Chelsea) Organization






Home Health Care as Epitomized by Bluebird Care (Kensington and Chelsea) Organization

Home health care, also christened domiciliary care, is supportive care conferred at home by accredited healthcare experts who afford medical care requirements or by specialized caregivers who grant daily care to facilitate meeting of daily livelihood activities (Kaye). It encompasses such packages as short-term tending, rehabilitative, salutary, and supporting home health care. It is given by speech language pathologists, certified nurses, medical social workers, occupational therapists, home health aides and physical therapists. Consequently, organizations such as Bluebird Care have come up to provide these essential services.

Bluebird Care was founded in September 2004 by Paul Tarsey and his spouse with their first offices being located in Petersfield, Hampshire. The franchise has metamorphosed into a model care provider with nearly 160 chartered agencies in England and Ireland. The organization makes over 375 000 care calls monthly and offers in excess of £70 million home care services per annum in England alone. The organization is steered by the mission of offering care to the whole community arraying from home services, supporting the aged, the handicapped, as well as children and their kin. Visits by their professionals last from as few as fifteen minutes to live in care. Their offices are located across the country with regional offices in Chelsea and Kensington granting home care services to the populace of the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (Bluebird Care).

Official government statistics signify high prevalence for terminal disease, with coronary conditions at the forefront, in the Borough. In 2011, 60% of the region’s inhabitants were aged 45 and above (Kaye 150). The incidence of terminal illnesses necessitating social care is also soaring as a large fraction of the over 66.4% working populace requires occupational therapy or other home care services due to the high occurrence of debilitating accidents at work (Kaye 151). This explicates the recent swell in the quantity of home visits and number of committed hours in Kensington and Chelsea by Bluebird Care. In contrast to other regions, such as the Greater Manchester region, this region shows higher disease patterns and trends obliging domiciliary care (Kaye 155).

Non-physician primary care providers are givers of health care, other than doctors, who render a number of primary care services and comprise nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, physician assistants among other health care providers (Kaye 105).  They are qualified, typically at a master’s level, to diagnose and treat maladies and prescribe prescriptions under physician directions. They render their services in joint teams where the decisive accountability for the patient dwells with the primary care practitioner (Kaye 77). They also form a part of home care provision team for they are liable for the daily endowment of these services satisfying the requirements of patients. Bluebird Care (Kensington and Chelsea) also has the services of non-physician primary care givers enlisted for they provide home services principally to seniors and those requiring palliative care.

In conclusion, home health care services are procured by the service user straight from autonomous home care agencies or as part of the statutory conscientiousness of social services sectors of local authorities. Care is typically given once or twice daily with the intent of keeping feeble or handicapped people healthy and self-sufficient- albeit this can broaden to full-time aid by a residential nurse or carer. The Care Quality Commission standardizes the activities of these organizations ascertaining excellence and professionalism. Bluebird Care persists to serve as a quintessence of superiority in home care services. Domiciliary care continues to alleviate the encumber for senior citizens, handicapped or those necessitate palliative care by bringing these services right at their door steps through home care provision agencies such as Bluebird Care.


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