Business Ethics






Business Ethics

There are different grounds where employees’ participation may be restricted by an organization’s management. For instance, management can base participation restrictions on employees’ privacy, different kinds of moral issues, the working conditions and job dissatisfaction and satisfaction. The managers of an organization may violate the right to employee privacy in different ways. Thy may do this through disclosure of employees’ personal information found on their files, which is a violation of the rights of employees (p 428). The information employees provide are supposed to be private and should remain in their files at all times. The management team may only use the information when required. I think that managers are not supposed to share this information but some management affects the participation of employees through disclosure of such information.

Management may also restrict the participation of employees through moral issues. For instance, having employees take different kinds of drug tests, personality tests and monitoring employees (p 433). Some managers normally go through employees’ devices to monitor their communication and their activities during working hours. For instance, they monitor keystrokes numbers entered by word processors in a day and monitoring of calls (p 436). I think this affects the participation of employees negatively. Working condition may also affect employees’ participation. Working conditions include personnel procedures and policies as well as the ability of organizations respecting employees’ rights (p 439). I think that some of the working conditions provided by organization are poor and affect the participation of employees negatively. This may as well affect employees’ job satisfaction.

I think that the reasons for resisting employees’ participation are not sound. For instance based on privacy, employees and managers should never disclose the personal information of their employees. Employees personal information may only be disclosed in situations where the employees’ themselves have given the go ahead to disclose their information. Disclosing their information without their consent may negatively affect their participation at the workplace.

I also think that participation does not violate rights of owners of corporate property. Employees are the ones who are affected by restrictions to participate in an organization. The outcome of the restriction may affect the owners of corporate property. This is because employees shall not participate to the best of their abilities to make good use of the property.  

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