1. Anotest Advert

Magazines such as Muscle Mag, Iron Man, Women’s Fitness, Flex, Muscular Development, Muscle & Fitness, and several other fitness magazines are owned by supplement companies and used to advertise their products. Iron Man is controlled by Muscle Tech; Muscle Mag is controlled by Muscle Tech; Muscle & Fitness and Flex are controlled by Joe Weider and are used to promote his equipment and supplements. The brilliant marketers develop advertisements disguised as workout routines or nutrition advice and usually end in recommending one of their products, (Rehbein, 2006).

In the Anotest supplement advert, it is intended to depict supplements as good for consumption so as to boost ones muscular capacity. This is so going by the use of the picture of a man who looks just like a block of muscles. This may be seen as an effort by the company to encourage young men to use supplements in order to get such muscles. A study conducted recently showed that the number of youths, more so males, who were using supplements, was on the rise in comparison to their female counterparts, (Connolly, 2012). This particular advert is aimed at the audience composed mainly of the youths since it has utilized various elements that appeal to the youth.

The advertisement has attracted the youth through the use of a catchy phrase which is in bold at the bottom part of the advertisement poster: I want to feel extreme power and invincibility. It is vivid from this catchphrase that the company’s main aim is not only to attract new customers to its product, but also to convince the already built customer base to continue using the product. This mantra is aimed at attracting and maintaining customer loyalty, (Advertisements, 2010). This has been the main exploit of adverts whereby they use catchphrases that attract ones attention to the product being promoted.

In order to attract the attention of the young generation, there has been the utilization of flashy colors and well done graphics. All these function to enhance the imagery and perception of the company. This is because the use of professionally done graphics as well as catchy phrases and colors portray the company as being mindful and meticulous in their work. Consequently, the end result is that the company comes out as one that would not offer a harmful product.

The advertisers have made sure that they use a model that is well built and will easily relate to the target audience. The effect is that this attracts so many young people to the product since they would like to become more masculine. The use of this model may also be looked at a mode of relating the product to a certain age group. Consequently, it becomes easier for the product to reach its audience. This also serves as one of the elements that aid the advert in serving its purpose of reaching a wider audience.

2. Pepsi Reloaded advert

One of the greatest wars between companies has been the longstanding battle between Coca Cola and the giant American soft drinks maker Pepsi. These two companies have for the longest time been fighting over a share of the global soft drinks market. Consequently, the use of advertisements has been the main means through which these companies have been advancing their markets. Catchy graphics, funny or informative or informative videos have been the main tools through which these companies have been putting themselves in the market.

Pepsi has, perhaps, been the more creative company coming up with flashy, colorful and attractive posters. In the Pepsi advert, the company has carefully used the services of a graphics designer to come up with an animated picture printed on paper. This advertisement is mainly meant for the younger adults. This is inferable from the fact that the poster has been designed in such a manner that it has used young animated models. Evidently, the leading figure who is at the forefront of trying to acquire the soda is a young man who is facing off with others who are of old age as well.

This advertisement is meant to solely advertise the Pepsi reloaded drink. Going by the models used in the advert, it is correct to conclude that this particular advert is intended to cut across all ages to cajole people to but this particular type of Pepsi soda. This is due to the use of people from all walks of life and even the inclusion of what seems to be the knights who fought in the olden times. It is popular belief that angels possess wings, and therefore, the use of animated models possessing wings leads to the conclusion that this soda is even meant for angels!

This advertisement puts the qualities of superiority and fineness of this soda in mind. From the concept postulated in the poster, it comes out that the people are struggling to achieve the one thing they all want- the Pepsi reloaded soda.  This is translatable to the fact that Pepsi is admonishing the other competitors as of lower quality drinks. The soda at hand can be drunk by people from all ages, and from all walks of life going by the composition of the people used in this advertisement. At this point, it is imperative to pinpoint out that advertisements use all mannerisms to create and maintain a market. The advertisement at hand is one explicit example of this strategy of pricing and distribution.

Both advertisements explicate myriads of similarities. They all have used flashy colors to create visual appeal and attract their intended audiences, they are meant to mainly attract the younger generations and influence them into purchasing these products. In both cases, it is discernible that graphics design has been extensively used to create this appeal.

In conclusion, advertisements are necessary evils. Apart from advertising products that may be harmful to the consumers, they also help to pass across information to consumers, potential clients and the general public with regards to something. This makes them vital. However, stringent measures ought to be put in place to ensure that the information passed across through advertisements does not mislead. The government and the stakeholders should also come together and pass legislations that govern the adverts industry much more strictly. This is because if measures are not taken, then the youth, younger generations and society in general will continue to fall prey to these adverts. 



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