“With Downed Balloon, China and Japan Cooperate”: A Summary and Reflection

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“With Downed Balloon, China and Japan Cooperate”: A Summary and Reflection


 A Chinese balloonist coming from the coastal province of Fujian tried to land on an island claimed by both China and Japan last Wednesday.  That target islet is called Senkaku by Japan and Diaoyu by China.  The balloonist however failed to land on it and instead went down at sea issuing a distress signal.  Through the alert given by nearby Taiwanese authorities, Japan sent patrol boats and rescued the balloonist, named Xu Shuaijin who was forced to land after hitting turbulence south of the islands.  The Japanese officials were unable to identify the exact location where Shuaijin landed that is why they decided not to seek criminal charges against the man.  He was just turned over to a Chinese patrol ship and the latter thanked the Japanese Coast Guard via radio for the rescue operation. This incident showed that peaceful resolution can happen between China and Japan despite their conflicting territorial claims.  This conflict is manifested by the Japan’s wartime aggression as reflected by its prime minister’s visit to a shrine and by China’s announcement of an air defense identification zone that encompasses the disputed maritime areas.


This news is so humbling for both countries to be in exchange of good deed of rescuing and an act of thanksgiving in return.  The scenario seems so simple yet given the fact that Japan and China are seriously having conflict in their claims over that island where the balloonist attempted to land; the incident was worth giving attention.  This news is just one of many reports regarding conflicts on territorial claims between China and other East Asian Countries.  It is not only with Japan that China is having conflicts about territorial claims but also with the Philippines.  Despite these conflicts that exist between China and other East Asian Countries however, it is good to realize that in situations like this, conflicting countries like China and Japan still find themselves peaceful and democratic in resolving issues and problems. 



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