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I started using this writing company only this year but I can confirm that my grades have improved and I have less troubles with late submission. I don’t think it’s a coincidence rather than help from a qualified team of writers.

Beverly D., Sweden

Premieressay was the only website that agreed to take my order. That’s why I thought it’s a scam at first. But surprisingly I received my paper on time and of okay quality which was more than enough for me taking into account the urgency. I use them ever since.

Jane J., Australia

I would not lie that PremierEssay.net is the best service you can ever get. It can be really slow and the quality is an okay one. What I like that it is customized, so they would follow your professor’s instructions even if that’s just am old guy whim.

Robert S., Norway

The website itself is alright. I order some small compo that I don’t wanna waste time on here. Prices are also reasonable. I don’t really like chats so I call more often than write. Writing is really not my thing.

Kristina S., UK

I have my favorite writer at this website. I always ask for him when I place an order. He knows my subject perfectly well…he even explained me a few things for which I am entirely grateful. I had to use another writer once when mine was on vacation and we didn’t come along.

Brent R., Germany

Of course there are good and bad qualities about PremierEssay.net. Sometimes the quality is not as good as I expected, I need to make amendments, also I hate when the paper is late. But overall I know I can trust them, they won’t break my confidentiality and you can always solve a problem with support team.

Darryl P., UK

I am very grateful to all writers who work at Premieressay.net. I finally graduated from uni and I am so happy. It’s the best day of my life and I owe it all to you guys. I am sorry for being a pain in the a…sometimes but it was worth it after all. I wish you many clients. God bless you.

Dorothy M., USA

Oh I am loving this service. The customer support is super friendly and polite and I even tried to irritate a CSR once on purpose but he was still more than willing to help me. That’s what I’m paying my money for. I like what you do, folks. Thanks a lot.

Rhonda J., USA

Nothing is more challenging to me than writing a stupid essay. I hate Philosophy course very much. I understand absolutely nothing of it and I don’t want to even try to understand what my professor is talking about. That’s why I was more than happy to give my money for PremierEssay.net. They did a great job…I couldn’t understand what the paper was about.. but my professor liked it. I guess they wrote smth really smart.

Alice W., USA
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